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10 Minutes To Successful Delegation

Delegation and accountability can feel complex but by following this simple process it feel easier and be more effective for you and your team.

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What's Inside

The Preparation

Achieve productive accountability conversation through preparation.

Conversation Stages

Learn the 4 stages of conversation that you can follow.

Post Conversation

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What You'll Learn Here:

It gives you information on how to prepare, the 4 questions you need to ask and what to do afterwards.

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About The Author

Emma has 12-plus years’ experience in coaching communication skills in the private and public sectors. She is able to draw on skills developed in clinical practice as a speech and language therapist, in sales and marketing in global pharmaceuticals, from being Director of Operations at an event management company and crucially, from her MA in voice studies from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, providing her clients with cohesive and relevant training and coaching.

Emma Wainer

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