Can you think back to the last time (if ever!) you went to a Pantomime?  That moment when the villain comes on to the stage and you get to cry, “Boo”. 

Or that moment when the villain is defeated and you can enjoy their defeat at the hands of Hero?  The moment when the hero is recognised for their great deeds and everyone can celebrate, free from fear?

Even as adults, we absolutely love villain and hero stories.  Villains’ don’t have to be a ‘baddie’.  There are some amazing stories about the hero battling internal villains, imposter syndrome being, one most of us can relate to.  We love to see the hero defeat these internal demons.

  • What kind of villains do you have in your business?
  • Are they internal or external villains?
  • Who are the heroes in your business?

What stories do you have that have heroes and villains in them? 

What stories will have your clients cheering for the heroes and willing the defeat of the villains? 

If you have and use these stories well, it will help your potential clients align with you, (or not – which is equally good information!)

Who are the heroes and villains in your business?

Take care,

We’ll speak soon.

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