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Does any of this ring true?

Are you fed up with not being recognized as ‘leadership material’ despite having a leadership workload?

Are you frustrated with being spoken over in meetings?

Are you stuck in a cycle of not speaking up when you have a brilliant idea only to have someone else say it moments later?

Do you feel as though you have lost agency in your workplace?

Have you made into the C-suite but are having trouble gaining traction with the existing board?

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It’s easy to feel like it’s just you.  That other women somehow know the secret and are finding all this easy.  Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth.  

I know because I have been there – the lone female on an all male board, seeing my ideas rejected only to appear months later with a male sponsor!

Many of my clients feel exactly as you do right now, that they want a greater degree of visibility in their organization or community as well as feeling more credible when they speak up at work.  

They know they are capable of more, so much more, but don’t know how to find and use the voice that reflects their potential.

How would it feel if...

You felt a strong sense of what you uniquely have to offer as a leader and knew how to communicate that to your listeners?

You had clarity of who you are as a leader and the boundaries of your expertise so you could positively self promote with ease?

You knew how to consistently adapt your messages to different audiences so you knew they had the best chance of landing?

You understood what executive presence was and how that can positively impact your impact in all work scenarios from 121 meetings to keynote speeches?

You were able to engage your listeners by using your authentic voice, a clear structure with a sense of calm and ease from the moment you begin to speak to the moment you finish?

Hello, I'm Emma!

I have had a squiggly career; I have worked in the Public and Private sectors, as well as grown and sold a business before starting this one.  I have been the lone female on an all male board, I have pitched for business, managed small and large teams – all of which have required excellent communication skills.  But that is not why I do this.

I do this because after a decade of working and leading – I lost my voice.  Well actually, I lost my nerve.  My confidence fled and took my voice with it.  

That is why I did an MA in Voice Coaching and Training at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.  It was the hardest and most transformational experience I have had.  I know from personal experience that the process of voice coaching works.  It’s not magic but sometimes it can really feel like it is.

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