Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

There are many different energy levels when we speak. Imagine a sliding scale with quiet and mumbling at one end and loud and brash at the other. In the UK we tend towards the lower end of the scale, other cultures have their specific space they inhabit too.

We are looking Tara Mohr’s 10 rules for Brilliant Woman in relation to our voice – Rule 5 “be an arrogant idiot”

I am going to encourage you to slide up the scale towards arrogant idiot because, you are a nice person, so there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you would ever reach that. But moving one or two steps towards it will mean a more confident voice, less self-deprecating language, stronger non-verbal communication. Take up just a little more space than you are comfortable with! Nowhere near arrogant idiot but stronger and more confident. Now cheerlead that version of you!

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