So many people have been asking about how I prepare for doing lives or making Youtube videos I thought I would show you just how I do it.

Mind maps are my saviour.

When I was 45 I discovered I was dyslexic. And suddenly lots of things made sense. I always felt more dexterous verbally than in writing. I felt like work took me longer to complete than friends and colleagues. I knew cognitively that I wasn’t stupid but never emotionally bought into that one!

Mind maps are one of the things that make sense to my brain. I love the big picture-ness of a mind map. I like the way they always work in the same way. This one is quite writing-heavy – they work even better with images!

So that is my prep for a 45 min video. 15 – 30 mins to write – a couple of practice run-throughs on the parts that might be sticky and then record and go!

If I lose my way a quick glance at the mind map and I am back on track! I feel like mind maps are my secret (or not so secret) weapon.

Do you have a secret weapon?

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