Masterclass On How To Break Through The Glass Ceiling

Not only break through it right now but how to reshape it in your organisation, so that you never have to break through it again!

Are you baffled as to why the glass ceiling exists? Or maybe feel it only exists for you?

Are you feeling like we are making progress in terms of gender equity but it's so slow! And you want to feel the change now?

Are you feeling like you want to be seen and heard more consistently in your organisation, so you can advance your career?

Are you leading the way in your organisation but feel like you can't really be yourself in the process?

Would You Love To Know How To Model EVEN Better Leadership To Your Team And Higher Up's?

Then you are in the right place! Welcome to our Masterclass series for Women in Leadership.

In this transformational training we are going to look at how why the glass ceiling exists and how you can use a model of powerful leadership, tired and tested by phenomenal world leaders to create greater impact and influence in your teams and organisation.

Are you ready to level up your ability to not just breakthrough but reshape the glass ceiling in your organisation, not only for you but for all the women coming up behind you?

In this transformational training we will explore how Jacinda Ardern led with authenticity, kindness, and a strong ethical foundation. How she fearlessly embraced a more human and transparent approach to leadership. We will also examine Indra Nooyi's ability to inspire radical organisational change from the top down, becoming a role model for compassion in capitalism. Agnes Binagwaho managed to take a war torn country ravaged by genocide to a place where equitable healthcare for all was possible, how did she manage that seemingly impossible task?

  • What are these remarkable women doing to enable them to be so effective and authentic?

  • Who are they being?

  • And how are they reshaping and rewriting leadership to have such powerful effects?

We will break down their approaches into five actionable and practical steps that every female leader, including you, can implement immediately.

After this transformational training you will:

Understand what has changed over the last 100 years in terms of gender equality in the workplace and how that impacts women today you and those you lead.

Be clear about the financial, organisational and human impact of diverse teams and how you are a big part of that diversity and responsible for enabling where you can.

Understand why the leadership playbook needs to be re-written in light of what employees need and want from you as their leader.

Have a model of leadership, tried and tested, by three phenomenal world leaders that you can apply today.

Have a framework to coach yourself and other female leaders to embrace their authentic and influential style of leaders with ease and grace.

Once you have access to this Masterclass and workbook, it's your's for life.

You can come back to the content time and time again, so that you can really embed the learning and approach. This is when the work becomes really transformational.

So if you are ready to not just to break but to re-shape the glass ceiling in your organisation then you can sign up here:

This masterclass is the first in series of training and coaching sessions help you build you leadership tool kit into one of authenticity and grace.

The next Masterclass is on how to develop a more authentic and sustainable version of Leadership Presence. It's an in-depth look at both the WHAT and the HOW of Leadership Presence. If this is something you know you need to work on, then we have a special offer for you at sign up!

Just in case we haven't met yet...


Hello I'm Emma,

I have had a gloriously squiggly career, starting in pharmaceutical sales, then training as a Speech Language Therapist. After a short and sweet affair with the NHS, I became Operations Director in a successful event business, before finding my true passion and training as Voice Coach at the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Having worked in the public and private sectors, incorporate and in start-ups, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help women, like your, raise your visibility and credibility at work. I do that through helping you find and use your authentic voice as well as helping you cultivate thoughtful leadership, so that you can earn respect for your expertise, gain recognition for all your hard work and be rewarded (with pay and promotion!) for your results.

When I am away from my desk you will find me at the beach with the kids and the dog, messing about in the sea, or swinging in my garden chair with nose in a good book. I bake an incredible chocolate cake but am allergic to the stuff! I discovered I was dyslexic when I was 46 and it was such a relief. The highest place in the world I have ever been is Machu Picchu in Peru.

Let's speak!

This Is What Previous Attendees Have To Say

Our coach was personable and professional. So knowledgeable and skilled. I was able to relax and learn.

I've been give the skills and information to continue to improve speaking. It's brilliant that you have access to all the courses once the course has finished.

  • Stevie

Emma is such a role mode for this course. She presents her material clearly and concisely and with passion and care for everyone in the course.

I would recommend this course for everyone who struggles with communication around their work in any situation. Thank you Emma.

  • Kathryn H

I signed up to this course not knowing what to expect, but it has delivered so much more than I thought.

Every session gives us the opportunity tot practice the techniques covered, thus helping us build confidence. Emma has a gentle approach and is so encouraging.

  • Catherine M

This is what others say about me and the

coaching we provide:

Emma has changed the way I see myself. She has shown me that I am worthy, capable, and deserving of good things. Emma listens deeply, offers intelligent advice and feedback, and ensures her clients are successful.

Emma is a phenomenal speaker and coach... I’ve learned so much from her. And I never fail to be impressed with how generous she is with her time and knowledge. And how she always speaks with an open heart.

Emma is an excellent speaker and coach, offering practical and thoughtful advice and tips to support women in a professional environment to reach their potential.

Emma is so inspiring and so amazing. I love her kind, open-hearted approach to inspiring women to be the very best that they can be

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