Primary Goal:
To develop vocal Executive Presence in a younger account management team to increase clients ability to respect & trust the account manager and the services offered.


Financial company providing fast unsecured loans for SME’s to enable small business to grow, benefiting both investors and business owners.


  • The issue was two-fold; the company provided such a fast turn around on their loan service, it was leading to client scepticism and a rejection of the offered financial aid. This was compounded by a 25-30-year-old phone-based account management team, selling to older business owners. Voices sound younger on the phone and suggest a lack of experience and understanding, which further concerned customers.

Goals for Participants:

  • Increase ability to recover energy after difficult calls
  • Increased listening abilities, so account managers could listen for concerns behind the client’s initial needs.
  • Increased understanding of different motivations of clients through a better understanding of vocal tone & linguistic clues.
  • Increased confidence in delivering ‘bad news’
  • Increased Executive Presence


  • 3 x 3-hour immersive training programme for 40 delegates run over six weeks.
  • Buddy accountability programme to encourage bridging of skills into work.


  • Decreased concern about delivering ‘bad news’
  • Increased vocal gravitas
  • Increased ability to structure a client call
  • Increased ability to use stories of current client successes to increase new client confidence
  • Increased ability to listen to and address clients real concerns
  • Increased ability to manage personal energy levels throughout the day.