Primary Goal:
To optimise the impact of technical information delivered in presentations & town hall meetings increasing customer engagement.


IT Start-up supporting banks to move away from legacy IT systems.

IT Start-up with rapid international growth over the last five years, which looks set to continue. Employees are 25-45, highly educated, analytical thinkers, creating and selling highly technical solutions to mixed and non-technical audiences.


  • Sales and communications relied on the transfer of significant amounts of data and technical information delivered by technical experts to non-expert audiences.
  • The data had a tendency to overwhelm presentations and diminish the impact on the audience.
  • Levels of Executive Presence needed improving
  • Expressivity (passion & enthusiasm) also needed a boost.

Goals for Participants:

  • Increase expressivity during presentation
  • Understand the purpose of using data
  • Use the structure to increase the impact of presentations
  • Use story to maximise customer engagement


  • 4 x 1 day immersive training programme for 12 -15 delegates.


  • Increased Executive Presence
  • Increased clarity of thought, speech and structure
  • Increased ability to distill and contextualise data to increase customer understanding
  • Increased ability to use story to maximise customer engagement
  • Increased expressivity enabling customer engagement