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Know Your Numbers!

“Oh! I am not as bad as I thought!” I have a page of numbers in front of me. Rows and rows. They need to be entered into a spreadsheet. They have sat on the side of my desk for a week or more and I have periodically looked at them and my heart sinks….

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B.F.O. Anyone?

A few years ago, my daughter’s school was looking for donations of professional services for a school raffle, I offered some speaker coaching. I didn’t know anything about the winners other than Dad had a successful business and mum was about to launch her own. What I didn’t know was just how successful the family…

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Head or Gut?

We swim in an ocean of feedback – I love this quote from Thanks for the Feedback. Our watches are even telling us if we have not moved enough, drunk enough water or slept long enough! Feedback and advice are inescapable and often conflicting. How do we manage it? Tara Mohr’s advice, from her 10…

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Don’t wait for your Oscar

We are looking at Rule 7 of Tara Mohr’s 10 rules for Brilliant Women. Don’t wait for your Oscar. Long story short – back in March I made a major pivot (along with the rest of the globe!) to accommodate training and coaching in the virtual space. I worked really hard, climbed many actual and…

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What positive revolution could you start?

I have immense admiration for those who stand up for what is just, regardless of their personal safety and political norms. Today President Biden has resumed the project to replace the picture of previous president and slave owner Andrew Jackson with an escaped slave, turned Nurse and Spy for the Union, Harriet Tubman on the…

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Be an Arrogant Idiot – What!?

There are many different energy levels when we speak. Imagine a sliding scale with quiet and mumbling at one end and loud and brash at the other. In the UK we tend towards the lower end of the scale, other cultures have their specific space they inhabit too. We are looking Tara Mohr’s 10 rules…