How We Coach: Blended Speaking Model

In all our training and coaching programmes, we use our Blended Speaking Model, which combines elements of Organisational Psychology, Coaching Theatre Practice and Business Strategy. By drawing on these different elements we are able to enable delegates to understand why a change of behaviour might be needed and how it will benefit them and the organisation. We help create participant support networks to facilitate the implementation of the new skills in the short and longer-term.



Organisational Psychology contributes to the organization’s success by improving performance, motivation, job satisfaction, safety and health as well as the overall well-being of its employees.



Actors are trained to capture and sustain the attention of an audience. They understand why intention deeply affects how a message might land and how to use that to benefit their (character’s) purpose. They have flexible engaging voices, that hold our interest and tell stories beyond the words that are spoken. Each of these are vital skills in today’s business climate.



One of the biggest benefits of a business plan is the direction it can give your organisation. Setting out a well-planned business strategy will ensure your entire organisation is working towards the same goals and instils a sense of shared responsibility amongst employees. Aligning your employee’s ability to deliver messages with your business goals increases the momentum to realise them.



Workplace coaching undoubtedly improves individual performance and helps identify and develop high potential employees. It highlights organisational and individual strengths as well as development opportunities for both. Coaching employees on communication strategies decreases the likelihood of conflict and increases employee loyalty and engagement.

How We Coach: Levels of Coaching and Training

No Cookie Cutters, thank you!

Our training and coaching programmes focus on you finding, honing and finessing your authentic voice. Your authentic voice allows you and your audience to feel comfortable and when that happens your message is far more likely to land.

So, How do you access your Authentic Voice?

When your body is aligned and relaxed and your mind is focused and supportive of you and your intention, you will have access to your powerful, purposeful voice; That voice that you know is there but occasionally fails to show up!  When you access your authentic voice, you will look and sound confident, assured and clear to your audience.  You will have a greater ability to influence and lead them to where you would like them to be.