In the last couple of weeks, I have made several clients cry! 

A strange thing to admit on Social Media. 

They were crying in a good way. They had a speaking breakthrough and the emotion of it came out in tears. 

This week I am celebrating their wins with you to inspire you to keep on (or start)  working on your speaking skills. 

One of my clients is about to leave a toxic environment and is walking into the most amazing job – perfect for her skill set! (As
I was preparing to write this post two more women I coach have done the same!) 

Women often come to me asking for very specific speaking skills coaching; they want to present with more gravitas, they want to give a TED talk, and they want to be able to speak with less anxiety in the run-up to the event. 

Which of course we can and do work on. 

The interesting thing is they often go away with additional and unexpected wins. 

H is one of those clients. 

She arrived wanting to improve her speaking skills – she was already competent and confident but her job (and personality) demanded excellence! 

She was in a very senior role that demanded much of her – all of which she did brilliantly with a smile and positivity. 

Her communication style was very much ‘can do.’ 

There were two big downsides to this approach – her boundaries were a bit leaky and her energy was very high in her body – it was an inefficient place to be over a sustained period.  Burnout would be an inevitable destination. 

After working on getting her breathing slower and lower in her body. We worked on taking up more physical space – these two things combined led her to notice the leaky boundaries. And more than that, her workplace was toxic. 

Three months later she has found the most amazing job in a company whose mission and culture and so much more aligned with her own. 

This was not an outcome she had expected but it is one that has had a hugely positive impact on her life.

Communication is a leverage skill and has an impact way beyond specific work settings!

If you are ready to find this kind of agency in your communication then we should speak. DM me.

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