Emerging Leader Programme

Every year there are 400,000 newly appointed leaders in the UK. Only 25% will ever receive training for this role and a staggering 50-60% will fail in the first 18 months. This is not because they are not capable but that they have not been given the right tools to embody great leadership.

In a recent study by Hult Ashridge, interviewed Leaders felt that a lack of personal confidence, relational skills and emotional intelligence were some of the five most likely skills to derail their career. The capability that most leaders desired and wished they had had 10 years earlier in their careers were relational skills.

The Emerging Leader Programme is an immersive training experience that coaches leaders how to communicate with rather than to their teams. Its aim is to help Emerging Leaders to confidently embody the role of Leader, improve relational skills, imbed clear confident communication strategies and increase the diversity of scenarios where these new skills can be utilised.

Women in Leadership – Trust your Voice and Own the Room

Just over 5% of the CEO’s in the fortune 500 & 1000’s are female. It is still harder for a woman to get a seat in the C-Suite than a man with equivalent or fewer skills and experience.

Owning the room, trusting our voices, building strategic alliances and positively self promoting are all skills that will benefit the female leader.

This coaching allows the exploration and development of and effective mindset, which is illustrated in the way we use our body, breath and voice at work. You will develop a more a powerful executive presence that is aligned to your personal brand and philosophy.

Stop being another statistic and start owning the room on your terms.

Executive Coaching

Speaking at Work, or in life, is an act of doing.

You can read a 1000 books and your knowledge will definitely increase, but it is the practice that makes the difference. Make sure that you are practising the right things with the help of our expert coaches to make sure that your impact is the most effective it can be in the shortest possible time.

TED Talk Training

This coaching session looks at how to recreate the elements that make up the most effective TED talks and includes work on personal presence and impact, curating content, structure, sensory language and story-telling, gesture, use of slide decks and props, microphone technique as well as handling Q&A and applause.

Feedback for Growth

We swim in an ocean of constant feedback, which can be both helpful and overwhelming. 

When Feedback is effective in the workplace it can be one of the most effective ways to increase employee productivity, loyalty and independence. When it is in-effective it can be one of the most toxic workplace conversations.
This course focuses on what feedback for growth is and why it often causes conflict at work (and in life!). It looks at the three main types of feedback and how these are often inadvertently misused. It will cover how you can impact the effectiveness of the feedback in its delivery.