A few years ago I remember reading about Gwyneth Paltrow’s conscious uncoupling from her husband Chris Martin and I thought how pretentious!

But this week I am having a change of heart about the phrase at least.
Sometimes we have been carrying around unhelpful thoughts, limiting beliefs, and inner critic pronouncements for years, perhaps decades about ourselves as speakers.

They can become so ingrained they almost have a personality of their own.

They can be pernicious, spiky, clawed creatures clinging on for dear life. making the change you want to see harder to achieve.

Sometimes the only way to get rid of them is through conscious uncoupling. 

Deciding with the intention that you are going to part ways but doing so with respect.

They were trying to help protect you from harm and pain in the best and the only way they knew how – by keeping you safely within your comfort zone.

So say Thank-you.

Acknowledge the intention if not the method.

Then let them know that you have it from here – you might mess it up, you might get it wrong – but you are going to do this anyway. But also that you are changing the locks and they are no longer welcome!

The phrase still feels a little pretentious but the action is dynamite!

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