Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

We are looking at Rule 7 of Tara Mohr’s 10 rules for Brilliant Women. Don’t wait for your Oscar.

Long story short – back in March I made a major pivot (along with the rest of the globe!) to accommodate training and coaching in the virtual space. I worked really hard, climbed many actual and metaphorical hills, grappled with tech (my least favourite thing!), achieved what I set out to achieve, got really excited, launched and NOTHING, NADA, ZIP.

Not one comment, one like, one sale.

I had been waiting for my Oscar for achieving all that I had done. What I had failed to do was to find my audience, my tribe, those that I could serve. I had naively thought that they would just….well, be there! Laughable!!

Now, I am aiming to offer advice and thoughts that might help. If one thing can help one person each day then that feels like a good job.

In short – the more we can move away from a need for external validation and towards internal the better we can support ourselves. The more confident we will look and feel.

Given your recent achievements, what Oscar could you nominate yourself for?

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