One of the gifts we have as human beings is that we experience emotions and those emotions are contagious so the people you mix with can catch your emotions.

This can be a real boon in an interview.

If you are interviewing for a leadership position, two of the adaptive (people) skills you will need to demonstrate are how you are going to be inclusive and how you are going to inspire people to action.  

But how do you do that in an interview?  It’s not like you can stand up and deliver a pre-written or extemporised speech!  ANd you can talk about ED&I until the cows come home but it doesn’t demonstrate you walking the talk as it were.

When interviewing at a senior level it’s highly likely that you will have multiple rounds of interviews with internal and perhaps external stakeholders at a variety of levels across the organisation.  Take those opportunities to ask some relevant questions and really listen to the answers – you have the benefits of seeing and hearing all this information with fresh eyes!

When you are called back for your final interview you can use the specific information you gathered from others and use it as jumping-off points in discussions.

Telling your potential employers that you were fascinated by what Jean in Sales was saying about customer satisfaction levels and then giving some insight (or even better foresight!) into that area before asking deeper questions of interviewers.

Listening to all voices, synthesising information, and diving deeper were needed to gain more information before stating how you might deal with such a situation demonstrates great leadership skills in a new environment in a very short time frame.

That practice is inspirational.  By going through this process and having something insightful to offer is inspiration in action.  It’s inclusive and when done because it is the right thing to do gives you a powerful but authentic authority.

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