Great coaching questions really help get down to the cause of the issue rather than the symptom.  

There are so many symptoms that can occur with speaking when our thinking is a bit wonky and it can be super tempting to jump in and fix them – the coaching equivalent of putting a plaster (band-aid) on a wound.  Which is absolutely fine if it is just a scratch. But when it isn’t – we need better questions.

This is one of favourites…

Fact or feeling?

Is it a fact that you are a poor presenter – have you been given explicit feedback from multiple sources that this is not a skill?

Or is this a feeling? Do you come away from events feeling like you could have done better? You haven’t done yourself or the topic justice?

They are two very different causes and therefore very different approaches!

I use this one on myself quite regularly at the moment!!

What is the best coaching question you use or have heard?

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