When done right, feedback can be one of the most productive conversations to have at work and it can so easily go wrong…when we are searching for appreciation and get evaluation instead – that is a whole different video!

See what happened at dinner recently.

So, today as we launch the virtual platform of Speaking at Work, I wanted to show our appreciation to other business that has enabled us to achieve all that we have.

Thank you, James Newell, at Clear Sales Message for helping us hone how we speak to clients about what we do.

Thanks to Anna Rewinska at Blue Drop Studio for a fantastic brand universe that really speaks to what we do.

Thanks to the Saintly Martin Rees at Martinrees.com for creating a fabulous, functional website and for being so patient with my lack of tech know-how.

Thanks to Jeff Gosling at Action Coach for setting us off on the right foot for the next part of our journey.

And finally, Thank you to Laurence Katz at Elemental Studio for knowing when to kick me up the bum and when to hug me.

A heartfelt thanks to you all.

I wonder is there someone you could appreciate today?

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