A 3-Part Training Video That Will Help You Overcome Distress, Perfectionism and Procrastination in Speaking

Transform your understanding of who you are, what you’re capable of and what you are worth, by learning to speak confidently.

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What You'll Discover

Part 1

I will be giving you easy and very practical tips on how to reduce anxiety and start speaking and connecting to your audience.

Part 2

Take a look at the story your body is telling your audience that you may not have co-signed on! I'm going to let you know how you can rewrite that story to your advantage.

Part 3

Discover the two ways you can use your voice to engage your audience - no more fidgety audiences when you speak.


Emma Wainer

Emma has 12-plus years’ experience in coaching communication skills in the private and public sectors. She is able to draw on skills developed in clinical practice as a speech and language therapist, in sales and marketing in global pharmaceuticals, from being Director of Operations at an event management company and crucially, from her MA in voice studies from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, providing her clients with cohesive and relevant training and coaching.


What Other People are Saying...

Our coach was personable and professional. So knowledgeable and skilled. I was able to relax and learn.

I've been give the skills and information to continue to improve speaking. It's brilliant that you have access to all the courses once the course has finished.


Emma is such a role mode for this course. She presents her material clearly and concisely and with passion and care for everyone in the course.

I would recommend this course for everyone who struggles with communication around their work in any situation. Thank you Emma.

Kathryn H.

I signed up to this course not knowing what to expect, but it has delivered so much more than I thought.

Every session gives us the opportunity tot practice the techniques covered, thus helping us build confidence. Emma has a gentle approach and is so encouraging.

Catherine M.

This course was such a positive experience. Emma is professional, warm and supportive, which made the group feel at ease and enabled us to push ourselves beyond our normal confidence levels.

Hannah W.

The support she gives, combined with her expertise and experience, makes her a great coach. Working in a group of like-minded people who shared the same challenges was very rewarding too.

Catherine M.

Emma breaks down the different aspects of the course in clear easy stages and which makes it manageable.

Hannah W.

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