Feel like you are shouting into the void?

Feel no-one is noticing the hard work you are putting in and the results you are getting?

Are you frustrated because you are brimming over with ideas about how you and your team could perform even better and the senior team doesn’t seem to want to engage in this conversation?

If you are feeling like you have stagnated and you are frustrated about this then it sounds like you might be experiencing a loss of career agency.

Here are 5 things you can do about it:

  1. Notice:
    Tune in to how you really feel about this. Not just the vague sense of annoyance but really how you feel about the situation(s) and about your career overall. Ask yourself when was the last time you made an active decision about your career.
  2. Do you need another PHD?:
    Are you putting off asking for something, doing something, or driving something in your career because you ‘feel’. like you might need another qualification or training? This form of procrastination can stall a career for a long time – check in with yourself – do I really need this?
  3. Record:
    Write down the value you bring to your team and organisation. Both the tangible – all your concrete skills and your intangible value too – those adaptive skills that are perfect for dealing with messy humans!
  4. Future Pace yourself:
    Take a moment to write down, draw or digitally create a sense of who you are and where you are in your career. Then do the same for where you’d like to be. Don’t be shy here – really go for it.
  5. Ask:
    What would that future self be feeling, saying, doing and getting done? Ask yourself two questions; what am I already doing that supports this future me. And what is she doing that I am not and I can bring forward into my skill set now?

I’d love to know which of these resonated the most with you!

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