Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

We swim in an ocean of feedback – I love this quote from Thanks for the Feedback. Our watches are even telling us if we have not moved enough, drunk enough water or slept long enough! Feedback and advice are inescapable and often conflicting.

How do we manage it? Tara Mohr’s advice, from her 10 rules for Brilliant women series, is to filter it.

You don’t have to pay attention to it all. So how do you decide?

Use your gut instinct. Does this advice help us shine, be bigger, grow? Or might it do the opposite?

When it comes to suing your voice for your personal and business growth – this is great advice. Listen to your body, let in only the advice that will allow you to grow. That doesn’t mean only listen to the ‘good’ stuff but don’t absorb the critical feedback if, and only if, it has no value! You might need to look at it once or twice to check its value.

Filter any advice – use your gut, not your head!

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