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Public Speaking

Terrified of public speaking? 73% of the population feel the same. It's time to do something about it.

Pitching with Confidence

Pitching is just speaking and speaking is a skill that can be trained. Ready to learn more?
It really has been life changing for me.
Craft Council HotHouse Programme 2020

Online Courses for All Skillsets and Levels

At Speaking at Work we know everyone has a powerful, authentic voice which holds huge potential. That’s why we provide training and coaching, in virtual and live settings, to hone and finesse your authentic voice quickly and efficiently and enable you to achieve your goals.


Essential courses for core speaking skills inside or outside of the office​


Ideal for those perfecting their skills or in management positions


Specific skillsets for people in leadership positions ​

Meet your Coach, Emma

10 years of coaching experience at your disposal.

What could make your clients want your service 2700% more?

Simple: Stories

Stories increase desirability. Click below to watch the read the full blog post!
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“I get so hot and shaky. My mind goes blank and I have no idea what I said or where I am meant to go next. And

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Just prepping for TEDx Academy this week. We are looking to bring some verbal beauty to our writing. After all we write for the ears not

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Leaving the Job

Since COVID struck 79% of women at work have not received a promotion. 24% of women in senior management leave their jobs as opposed to

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