Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

Previously we have talked about aligning our mind and our body, specifically our spine to help us find ease as a speaker.  Today I wanted to talk about our head and neck relationship.

Our mechanism for speaking our larynx sits here in our throat.

Imagine is being a lift that needs to move up and down in our throat in order that we change the pitch of our voice and be fully expressive.  The lift (or larynx) goes up our pitch goes up, the lift (or larynx) goes down and our pitch lowers. 

If we have a poor head and neck relationship, it is tough for our larynx to move and to have a fully expressive voice; we can sound a bit boring.

How do make sure you have a good head and neck relationship?

  1. Think about have a long neck from the bottom of your neck to the middle of your head at the back.
  2. Make sure you chin is parallel to the floor.
  3. Make sure you are looking at your natural horizon (so your chin is neither lifted nor dropped)

Good head and neck position will help you speak expressively and with ease!

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