Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

Now that we have spent some time imagining what our awesome voice sounds like – we need to take action, but not little baby steps. We need to take a bloody great running jump! We need to scare our own pants off. The thing is we are so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for and if we only ever take baby steps we won’t ever reach the playing big stage – if that is our goal.

What speaking opportunity frightens you and makes you say not yet? Really analyse it; are you saying no not yet according to those old rules? If the answer is yes, then that is the one you need to set your sights on. If you are not sure ask two or three brilliant women around you, “Truthfully, could I do this?”. If they all say no, then ask what they think you can do, right now. If they all say yes; No excuses.

This doesn’t mean you don’t prepare and organise yourself but it means you don’t back down or put it off.

Make yourself and others gasp!

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