There is a beautiful carved white rocking horse that sits on a table in my loft office. It is simple and captivating. It does nothing else but rock back and forth on its rail. But I can’t help but set it in motion as I walk past.

Watching it I realised there is a perfect moment right in the centre of its rock where it’s weight is pushing down into the table with the exact same force that gravity is pushing up. There is real ease at that moment, no addition pressures or tension and yet that is the moment that jumps out at you. Here I am.

It made me think about those moments when clients suddenly connect to their voice and their audience, the tension in the room dissipates, everyone is at ease and there is no pressure or tension to do anything other than be there and listen. The physical and emotional subtext emanating from the speaker is always; Here I am – this is me, this is my offering, happy to share. It is always a privilege to be part of.

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