Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

Definition of Alignment:

1. arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions.

2. a position of agreement or alliance.

Most business will have spent some time at the end of last year – or are about to start yearly and quarterly planning.  They will be thinking about how to align their personal and business goals and all the team and personal development that is needed to achieve those goals; because our businesses can only develop at the same rate as us.

Alignment is a fundamental principle in speaker coaching. As a Speaker Coach, it is my role to help people align their mind and their body.  But why is that important?

Let’s use the analogy of our minds being an attic in house.  How many out of date, slightly broken things have you stored in your attic that you don’t need right now but you haven’t given them away, recycled them or thrown them away because you think they might be useful in the future?

Let’s imagine that those items are your thoughts about being a speaker; how effective you are, how confident you are, how clearly you can get your message across…

How helpful are those items to you now?…

Is it time for a clear out?  Time to align

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