In the last couple of weeks, I have made several clients cry! 

A strange thing to admit on Social Media. 

They were crying in a good way. They had a speaking breakthrough and the emotion of it came out in tears. 

I am celebrating their wins with you to inspire you to keep on (or start)  working on your speaking skills. 

When I met M she was doing well but her career had stalled. She knew she was capable of more but didn’t feel capable of more.

There is a big difference between knowing and feeling! If you don’t feel like you can step up to that next level then it going to show up in your communication style. And it did.

She is a lovely person and she was leaning heavily into being nice to everyone and not taking up too much space. She was making herself a little less visible and a little less credible in her speaking style.

We spent some time working on building up her sense of being an expert in her field so that she connected with a stronger more confident vocal quality. She also started taking up more physical space.

She was asked to present on panels – something she would have avoided in the past – and even enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience. She was showing her organisation and the larger community she was senior leadership material.

I just heard she has been promoted to MD.

I bloody love my clients and my job!!

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