She was a super experienced Civil Servant that came into my studio a few years ago. She had had an amazing career, genuinely helping other people. She had been for several senior leadership positions recently and been rejected. She was told that she didn’t have leadership qualities. It became obvious that the way she held her body and spoke was not in alignment with her experience and her potential.

Halfway through the morning – during an exercise, Sophie spoke with her authentic voice. She stopped clapped her hands over her mouth and promptly burst into tears, as did all of us!

Why I am telling you about Sophie? Because stories are incredibly powerful. If are talking to clients, stories give them so much information about you, your products, about the ethos of your business.

In this next mini-series, we will be looking at story. Why is story important? How do stories work? and how should we be using it in our business?

What Stories do you have in your business?

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