Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

We are looking at Tara Mohr’s 3rd Rule for Brilliant Women.

Imagine what your authentic awesome voice sound like?
Voices react incredibly well to imagination, so if you can imagine it, it can become possible. Really take the time to daydream. Crazy, out of the ballpark, frivolous daydream.

Now, this doesn’t mean we are all going to turn into Anthony Robbins; this is not about striding across the stage and shouting a message from the rooftops. Unless that’s your gig. This is about being authentically you, unreservedly you. You just turned up 10%.

How does it feel in your body?
Close eyes and imagine how it feels in your body. Feel how the breath drops down into your body so that you feel calmer, more grounded, more ready to engage your audience.

What opportunities would that voice create for you?
Your team?
Your clients?

Isn’t that message worth sharing?

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