They were crying in a good way. They had a speaking breakthrough and the emotion of it came out in tears. 

This week I am celebrating their wins with you to inspire you to keep on (or start)  working on your speaking skills. 

I am different and I have always been this way so I guess I am always going to be this way! 

This client has been in IT for his whole life and has spent years perfecting his tech skills and as a result, has become very senior in his organisation.

He has reached a level where he needs inspire both up and down the chain of command and that is something that has made him feel very uncomfortable. He wanted to change this but had no idea where to start.

During coaching, we utilised his natural curiosity and ability to ask in-depth questions plus his love of process and structure to develop a specific programme to build his understanding, skills base, and confidence.

We aimed to give him skills and tactics to confidently look and sound like the expert he is but never felt like when he was speaking especially to the very senior teams.

This week his Boss’s Boss sent me an email to say what an improvement she has seen but more than that he had approached her to thank her for making this training budget available as he feels it’s changed his life!  He was pretty emotional when speaking to his boss’s boss, as was I when I read the email! 

He realised he wasn’t condemned to always fear he couldn’t be inspirational and now all kinds of opportunities and experiences are opening up to him. 

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