“Oh! I am not as bad as I thought!” Is one of the common things clients say to me once we have completed their speaker credibility assessment.

I have a page of numbers in front of me. Rows and rows. They need to be entered into a spreadsheet. They have sat on the side of my desk for a week or more and I have periodically looked at them and my heart sinks. Cognitively, I know these need to be tracked, but the task of entering numbers is not exciting. With a sigh, I pick up the page and start.

Thing is on the other side of these numbers is insight. On the other side of these numbers, I can start to make sound decisions about what happens next. Conversely, without these numbers, I will make poor decisions based on false beliefs.

Knowing where you are now is vital to making an effective plan to get somewhere else.

When clients start coaching with us our first job is to benchmark their performance based on three foundational skill sets. We look at your speaking style and see what is already working and you need to keep doing. What is less effective than you need to diminish or stop doing and finally what do you need to add into your skillset to make it more likely that your message will land with your audience?

If you want to become a more confident speaker or move from a good speaker to great one or even a great one to superstar you need to know your numbers.