Since COVID struck 79% of women at work have not received a promotion.

24% of women in senior management leave their jobs as opposed to just 7% of their male colleagues

There are many reasons for this; the need to look after children and the spiraling costs of childcare, aging parents, and the exhaust of going home to the third shift.

Another reason women are leaving is that they feel like they are losing career agency.  They are finding it harder and harder to articulate their wants and desires for their career. They have worked hard and yet are not being perceived in a way they feel is authentic to their value and their potential.

When this happens to you it’s easy to feel like your career is floundering.

So having the communication skills to be able to confidently articulate your value and your career aspirations are vital.

Especially when you realise that once women exit the working world even for a short period of time (1.2yrs!!) it is really hard to get back into the system at the same level and pay grade.

Everyone loses out, the organisations are losing great people, ideas, and role models and women are losing out on creating the impact in the world they would really like.

How do you feel about speaking up and advocating for your career? Is there something holding you back?

If you are in a leadership position are you making space to have conversations about what women want in their careers?

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