What does your support for others look like?
Are you as kind and generous to yourself as you are to others?

I cannot tell you the number of clients I have coached that have told me that they dislike or hate the sound of their voice. That internal criticism causes a great deal of tension – tension reduces your ability to breath, speak and express. It deadens the expression in your eyes. It reduces your ability to think clearly and respond to what is front of you.

If you are speaking to anyone in your working day – then that tension is not benefitting you at all.

We are talking about Tara Mohr’s 10 Rules for brilliant women and how that applies to your voice.

Rule no 1 – Make a Pact
Make a pact to be your own cheerleader for your voice and your message – even if it isn’t perfectly honed!

It is time to make friends with your voice.

Choose 5 exciting, challenging, wonderful words that you would like your voice to embody over the coming week.

Expressive, Grounded, Gravitas, Playful, Engaging…Whatever makes sense to you.
Choose 1 per day and play with it. What does it feel like? How can you absorb this into your vocal repertoire?

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