Previously I said that people didn’t want to listen to your 60-seconds, not because they are being unkind but because networking is a kind of pattern and as humans, we find patterns, understand them and then ignore them!

The good news is there are three quick things we can do to break those patterns and grab (in a nice way!) our audience’s attention.

So far we have talked about saying something different to break the pattern, and focusing on the transformation you offer.

So here is the 3rd tip. Think about the speed of your delivery. We speak at about 150-180 words per minute. An audiobook is 150 wpm and conversation is 180 wpm – because of all the stops and starts. So if you are speaking fo 60-seconds you need 150-160 words and no more! More words mean you need to deliver them faster than your audience can process – they won’t understand what you are saying and they won’t remember you for the right reasons.

Say less, leave them wanting to know more and give them a reason to follow up with you.

Take care.

We’ll speak soon.

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