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Seems like a funny thing for a coach, who had spent years running one and two-day courses, to say!  I love my role as a corporate speaker coach.  I love the moments when clients find their authentic voice,  use it,  and realise just what they are capable of.   Everyone improves, some people have huge shifts of mindset or ability and the whole group relishes in the transformation.  

But…We have come to realise that three things will combine to undo the achievements of the day.  As clients return to their regular environment the pressure to get to things done combined with Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve and the fact it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit will slowly but surely reduce the effectiveness of the session.   It means that participants don’t get an opportunity to maximise learning that could positively impact their careers, their teams or their clients.  

So what’s the answer?  Ditch training?

Definitely not – we all need to continually develop skills for social, psychological and commercial reasons.  Ebbinghaus’ theory suggests that revisiting learning over an extended period enhances recall of new information – so when it comes to learning little and often works better.    Amy Gallo, a contributing editor at HBR, found that skills were enhanced if they could be tried in a live-work scenario, especially when this was combined with peer feedback.  So training and coaching that occurs little and often, with live practice and peer feedback is much more likely to move learners from novice towards expert.  

Given this and the research that suggests that millennials, who makeup approximately 50% of the workforce now and 75% by 2030,  and who like to use technology to access training, wherever and whenever they want, we realised we needed to change how we delivered out training and coaching.  

We are setting clients up for success by providing online training accessible whenever it is convenient for the learner,  over a 2-3 month period, which allows for in-situ practice, 1:1 coaching as well as peer and coach feedback.

Now our clients, individuals and corporate teams can access high-quality training and coaching to help them strengthen their ability to be seen and heard at work, amplify their ability to influence and cultivate the grace to lead through our brand new online offering.

Take a look at what you could master over the next six weeks…


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