Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

Do you have to present or talk about complex information?

Do you need to use data, statistics or statistics?

Often we do need to use stats to help make a point. But how do make sure that our message is really landing with our audience and the numbers or data is not just sliding off?

Firstly, distil it – which bit of information do we need to pay attention to. Make it clear and concise otherwise, your audience’s attention will drift. They are more interested in the outcome or result than the journey!

Contextualising information for our audience is essential. A simple phrase like, “so that is equivalent to”, or “in other words it means….”, or “if nothing is done by X date we will see 150 customers go to other providers”. Make the impact of the numbers clear.

Create a mini-story around your numbers, data or complex information and your audience will really thank you for it; your message will land and they will know why they should pay attention to it.

Take care & we’ll speak soon!

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