Emma Wainer, Founder, Speaking at Work

What do all of these buttons do anyway? No idea.

The only person who really knows is the designer
It’s called “Feature Creep” and it happens because the designer knows a lot tech.

A similar thing can happen in your pitch.

You are an expert on why your organisation exists, what problems you solve for your clients and how you do that. You could talk all day – it super tempting.

Share an idea from Dan & Chip Heath from their book Made to Stick

Principle 1 – Keep it simple

Simple ideas are sticky. How do you get to simple?
They suggest – drill down to – What is at the core + what is profound about your idea.

Look at Apple – THINK DIFFERENT. It not only tells me how they create products but if I was an employee it tells me how I should behave, and if I am a customer I can expect something different.

So, find the core message in your pitch and what is profound about it and lead with that. If it is really profound it will come across in your voice as a truth making it easier for your clients/team to trust you.

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