“I get so hot and shaky. My mind goes blank and I have no idea what I said or where I am meant to go next. And that’s when I have everything prepared! It’s even worse if I am presenting to the board”

That was back at the beginning of April in our first group session about selling yourself and your ideas. MB was clearly smart and articulate, funny and personable until the moment that they had to speak to more than a few people in the room – when their ability to build rapport fled. Like high-tailed it out of not just the door but the building and possibly, on occasions, the country!

Now four months later, they just delivered a speech entirely off-the-cuff. No preparation at all, no notes, no bullet points. They were present, funny, and available to us as an audience and told a business story with a lesson in a digestible and entertaining way.

Personable, present, and professional – as far from the hot, shaky, fearful speaker from months ago as it is possible to get!

So proud and excited to see where these new skills and confidence will take them.

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