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Powerful Presentations Winning Hearts & Minds

A powerful presentation that can win both the hearts & minds of your audience is the key to building stronger team and client relationships, as well as increasing sales.  The perfect pitch is beautifully balanced between three foundational elements and then expertly delivered.  

Download this PDF to discover:

  • How to build your content around those three foundational blocks
  • How the content of those blocks will help determine your delivery. 
  • Three practical tips on delivery.

Elevator Pitch Framework & Delivery

You have moment to capture someone’s attention let alone maintain it.  The higher quality the interaction the more likely it is to build a relationship.

Download this PDF to discover:

  • The ideal framework for  a one-minute elevator pitch   
  • The ideal way to stand and breath to inspire confidence in your listener
  • How to keep the listener engaged by being clear about your purpose

Speaking Confidently

Confident speakers are made not born.  Three-quarters of the population hate speaking in public, so if you don’t enjoy it you are not alone.  This download aims to give you three tips to increase your confidence, find a stronger voice and capture the audience’s attention.

Download this PDF to discover:

  • How to use your feet to increase your personal confidence and convince the audience you are confident
  • How to access a strong confident voice
  • How to keep your audience engaged once you are speaking

Channelling Nerves & Anxiety

Nerves and anxiety are normal and actually a good thing, as long as they don’t become overwhelming and stop us from taking up  opportunities that could benefit the development of your career or business.   Ths download aims to give you tips on managing and using your nerves for a brilliant performance.

Download this PDF to discover:

  • What those nerves are trying to do for you
  • Techniques to manage them physically and emotionally
  • How to access a strong voice to engage your audience

Effective Meetings

We have al spent time in or even chaired ineffective meetings – they are frustrating and a waste of time and money; a businesses only two resources.  

Download this PDF to discover:

  • The 1st of the 5P’s of effective meetings
  • 2 key responsibilities of a meeting chair and 
  • How executive presence is a key skill for the chair

Conflict Avoidance & Resolution

Conflict is costly for businesses, both  financially and emotionally.  It is estimated that 25% of a manager or leaders time is spent diffusing conflict, rather than doing the job they are being paid to do.  If you own the business it means time away from doing what you  do best; growing the business.

Download this PDF to discover:

  • Why people go into conflict.
  • Do difficult people exist?
  • How listening can help diffuse issues before relationships are damaged.

Virtual Communications Skills

We are all used to using virtual methods of communicating now, but are we maximizing our potential in this medium?  How do we ensure that we are on screen with purpose, passion and presence?

Download this PDF to discover:

  • Why purpose is key to content and clarity.
  • How stillness increases our impact.
  • How to maintain a congruence between what we say and the tone we use.

Warming-up Your Voice

When we speak our voice is bridge between our inner world of thoughts and ideas and the external world.  How do make sure that our voice conveys our meaning to others with purpose, presence and passion?    Before any meeting, interview, presentation, pitch or speech it is vital to prepare not only what you are going to say but HOW you are going to say it!

Download this PDF to discover:

  • Tips on warming up the body  pre-performance
  • Tips on breathing .pre-performance.
  • Tips on how to raise your vocal energy to engage your audience.

Storytelling for Business

Stories are 22% more compelling than data, they create connection, they increase our likeability and trustworthiness with our audiences, meaning they are far more likely to do business with us.  But how and when do we use them and how do we deliver a well crafted story?

Download this PDF to discover:

  • Why science backs up a good story.
  • Why we love a hero and villain.
  • How an expressive story engages our audience.