At Speaking at Work we know everyone has a powerful, authentic voice which holds huge potential. Our training and coaching enables you to access, hone and finesse your authentic voice quickly and efficiently. We can help you avoid time-consuming and career stalling trial and error, or worse turning down opportunities to avoid the discomfort of speaking in public.

We provide training and coaching, in virtual and live settings, enabling you to achieve your goals. We provide a supportive but challenging environment to help you become the most effective communicator you can be.

Why Virtual Training?

For a very long time we have watched transformations in our training sessions; those lightbulb moments when clients suddenly realise what they are capable of. They are literally worth their weight in gold. But we also know that without regular use, 40-80% of those newly acquired skills, will dissipate over the coming weeks.

The answer is ongoing coaching – the road block has been technology and limited training budgets.

The perfect solution; modular online training.

Speaking at work now offers modular online training which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Courses run over extended periods with expert coaching to support learning, embed new skills that can be tried and tested in the workplace, at a price point that makes sense, whether you are an individual taking responsibility for your own development or L&D Lead requiring both off the shelf and bespoke programmes for growing organisations. Coaching takes you from having access to information to developing understanding and insight which can only impact positively on you and your organisation.



Courses for those beginning or revisiting skills

The courses at the Connect level are ideal if:

  • Nerves and anxiety are holding you back.
  • If you are returning to speaking in public after a break.
  • You are in a new position where you will need to be seen and heard more than you have in the past.
  • You are pivoting yourself or your business and need a new approach to your delivery.


Courses for those with on-going Intermediate experience.

The courses at the Influence level are ideal if:

  • You have some experience in presenting, pitching and speaking in public.
  • Your new position means you are now more client or senior management facing.
  • You know you are good but would like some expert coaching to take you to the next level.


Courses for those who are working at a high level but want to finesse their skills.

The courses at the Lead level are ideal if:

  • As an Emerging Leader you need to finesse your communication skills.
  • You are highly skilled but would like expert coaching.
  • You are moving towards needing media training.
  • You would like TED talk training.

“Working with Emma at Speaking at Work is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. As a business woman and entrepreneur, I am very passionate about my work and I am always looking for the best ways to translate this passion to my audience. Emma’s sessions are tailor-made, empowering and invaluable. She offered great insight into both the delivery of my speech and the structure and highlighted several things that will help me engage my audience better while communicating the topic more thoroughly.” Tara LalvaniFounder and CEO of Beautyfects

“Confidence is the main thing holding me back in my practice. Your workshop has helped identify this for me, not with a sense of dread but with an understanding that I can gain confidence, communicate in a way that it is authentic yet engaging and work through tools to help me enjoy communicating my passion. The layout of your sessions has by far been the most helpful, easy to use and effective since Hothouse went online. You allowed space for us to process the sessions, respond during the sessions and dealt with awkward people in a kind and understanding way. Your sessions have and will benefit my business. It is something I need to work on and I felt you engaged with me authentically and constructively for me to be able to take steps forward.” Chloe Rosetta BallCeramicist