I feel like I have been waiting for 50 yrs for this!!!

In the last couple of weeks, I have made several clients cry! 

A strange thing to admit on Social Media. 

They were crying in a good way. They had a speaking breakthrough and the emotion of it came out in tears. 

This week I am celebrating their wins with you to inspire you to keep on (or start) working on your speaking and communication skills. 

As a CEO, this client has to speak regularly and as the chair of an international network she has to speak a lot; at a recent event, she had to deliver 3 speeches in 2 days.

She is super smart and has great ideas – ideas that simply refuse to get on to the paper in a satisfying way. Once she has wrestled those words onto paper they stubbornly refuse to come alive again when she needs to speak them out loud.

It is a stressful and frustrating process. She has long felt she is letting herself and her community down.

We have been trailing lots of different ways to facilitate this process, simplify it and make it less stressful. But most importantly so those ideas and words live when she speaks – that her personality is present in her work.

Last week we hit on the perfect process

The results for the first time ever – she wasn’t scripted. She knew what she was going to say – had a simple bullet point list and off she went.

I have never seen her so present and so animated when delivering a speech as I did last week.

She said she felt like a weight had been lifted off her and her joy at being able to express herself so fully – literally brought us both to tears! 

So if you are sitting there telling yourself it is too late for you to feel like she did. I promise you it isn’t.

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