Want to know more about excellent virtual communication skills?  In this video, we talk about 3 quick tips to better virtual communications. What this video isn’t is a maths lesson! (you’ll have to watch to see what I mean!)

  1. It has been said so many times but it bears repeating – look at the camera. This way you create a connection with the person or people you are talking to. Imagine having a meeting and not making eye contact with the people you are talking to? You just wouldn’t do it. Stick a post-it note or photo there if it helps!
  2. Gesture – we avoid using gesture on screen as it can feel a “bit much”. But gesture really helps our audience understand what we are saying when it is well used. Keep gesturing but make it smaller than you. would in real life. If you do you’ll be more easily understood and more interesting to listen to.
  3. The rule of 2/3rds – Take up the right amount of space on the screen. Think in 3rds – 1/3rd of space above your head, your head and body should take up 1/3rd each. If you take up too little space you may be hard to take seriously, take up too much space and you can be perceived as aggressive but when you pay attention to the 2/3rds rule you can begin a conversation.

Definitely, not about to become a maths teacher!


Happy gesturing!

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