The answer – Story.

There is a piece of literary and anthropological research by ‘Significant Objects’. The team bought nik-naks from charity shops and hosted them on e-bay for sale. Each item was originally bought for less than $1.25. It goes without saying, that nothing sold.

With the help of 200 writers, provenance stories were created to each of these items. And the course of the next few weeks the items sold raising $8000 for charity. That’s an increase in 2700%.

Stories increase desirability.

Now, we don’t all have concrete products that have a clear provenance story. But, we all have stories about how our products and services, or how we’ve helped other people transform, taking them from where they are to where they would rather be. It is really useful to spend time thinking about how you weave these stories into your conversations with clients.

Stories are not fluff and decoration they have absolute commercial value.

Do you have a good provenance story?

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