2000 times a day you will daydream – and so will your clients…

Given that number, it’s pretty unlikely that one of these daydreams will happen to your client as you’re talking to them. Now, whilst this is the natural human phenomena, we can help our clients focus and pay attention to significant pieces of information by using story.

Stories are a brilliant way of snapping your audience to attention because stories naturally have an element of tension. Something has gone wrong at the beginning, or things are going really well and then it all goes wrong – the brain loves a puzzle and it wants to work out what has happened and how this problem is going to get fixed. You listeners are compelled to listen because the brain is saying, “I need to figure this out!”.

So, if you want to stop your audience’s attention from wandering off during a sales presentation or client conversation a story is a great way to snap their attention back to issue at hand.

If you want to reduce the daydreams – tell a story!

Take care,

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