She was sitting on a bench. The first one to arrive. Nervous…no terrified. ‘What if’s’ running rampant in her head. Slowly others arrived; clearly here for the same reason. 16 places and a global application of 1000’s. All she can hear is her heart pounding in her ears. Until she hears a voice, her voice, saying, ” Are you here for the interview?” and then, “How did you end up here?”

5 years ago, that was me, sitting waiting for my interview to do my Masters at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. It would have been easy to disappear inside my own head, focus on the outcome (I want a place – over which I had little or no control) and not on my performance (over which I had complete control). I moved my energy from inwards, which would have left me isolated, to outwards, towards the others which created connection, smiles and even a little bit of laughter.

I wasn’t the leader in those moments but I chose to lead the micro-climate of that little group because it felt like the right thing to do. For me and for the group.

If you are leading a group, officially or not, how can you use your voice to reach out and connect with those around you? They will benefit but you will too!

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