I have immense admiration for those who stand up for what is just, regardless of their personal safety and political norms.

Today President Biden has resumed the project to replace the picture of previous president and slave owner Andrew Jackson with an escaped slave, turned Nurse and Spy for the Union, Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. If the project goes ahead and the note is redesigned she will be the first African-American woman and the first woman in 100 years to appear on an American banknote.

This shouldn’t be noteworthy, but it is.

Things have changed since Harriet’s time and it would look like a giant step to her.

However, a research paper recently presented at Davos stated that senior women get 1/3rd of the air time that their male colleagues do, in even the most progressive companies. We still have a long way to go to make sure that all voices are equally represented.

I am grateful beyond measure for brave women like Harriet, who spoke up, spoke out and began change. Because of her and people like her, many of us will never face the treatment that she did but to pay her respect we all have to continue to speak up and speak out.

So, with that in mind what positive revolution could you start?

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