Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I choose the right level for me?

Take a look at the criteria for the different levels we teach on our home page for more info.

In a nutshell, the Connect Courses are for beginners or returners, the Influence Courses are for those who are good but would like to improve and the Lead Courses are for those who like to begin to finesse their communication skills.

Why not book in for a complimentary Clarity Call on the coaching page to determine the best course for your needs.

Can I book my whole team in for training?

Absolutely, we are able to provide both off the shelf and tailored training depending on you needs and budget.

If you lead a team or are and HR professional then let's speak to determine how we can best serve your organisations needs.

You can book in for a Complimentary Consultation Call on the coaching page.

Actors are just pretending why would you use theatre skills?

Absolutely not!

We use theatre theory and practice but we also blend that with business theory, organisational psychology and coaching practices.

We will move around and use our body, breath and voice perhaps in ways you haven't before, but always with the end goal in mind of creating engaging, impactful pitches.

You will also be able to do all the exercises in the privacy of your own home or meeting room.

Is there a test?

No. There are no tests and, in fact, I would encourage you to ditch the idea of right and wrong they aren't helpful concepts when it comes to working on your communication delivery. If we think we are getting things wrong the body and voice tense up which is the opposite of what we are aiming for.

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